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15 Sep 2016

When you see your ex and laugh out loud

Recently I had the displeasure of seeing a picture of a guy I sort of used to date. He thought he was a god when we were dating, and from the way he looked in this pic, he still did! Feeling himself so hard, he left no room for anyone else to feel him- if you know what I mean!

The reason our brief ‘romance’ (if I can even call it that) ended? He was selfish, arrogant and ridiculously tight. The holier than thou type that didn’t practice a single thing he preached and never wanted to put his hand in his tight pockets. These kind of people should be avoided at all costs. They will drain your energy and your finances. I’m serious.

So, I saw this totally cringe photo and I literally thanked God for helping me to dodge that bullet.
The best way to describe how he looked in the photo is, a wannabe on the set of a seriously low budget Afro Beats video. I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or slap myself for ever going there. I did neither. Instead, I took a screenshot and sent it to my sister so we could laugh out loud together.

Looking at the photo of him made me realise 2 things:
1.       How awful he still looked
2.       How much we settle when we are lonely.
The photo was a harsh reminder of what I accepted when I had no one else and nothing better to do. A guy who did not respect me or treat me with any kind of love or appreciation. A guy who wasted my time and caused me headache. A guy who made me pay for everything because his tight ass thought he was some kind of Nigerian prince. Ewww!

Ladies, if you ever look at an ex and wonder what on earth ever possessed you to blink in his direction, just tell yourself, it was a phase, a momentary lapse in good judgement. He was a hump in the road that you crossed, and you are now over it and seeing things more clearly again! Trust me, we have ALL been there!

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