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24 May 2016

The 5 best products for healthy afro hair


With so much conflicting information available on the net about the best products, treatments and regimes for healthy afro hair, you would be forgiven for being just a teeny bit confused. 'Do this, but don't do that, buy this, but avoid that'... It's exhausting! If a product is promising thicker, fuller, longer and healthier natural hair, guess what? We are buying it! The obsession black women have with their hair is real! After testing out lots (and I mean lots) of different products, these are my best 5 products to grow healthy natural hair

1. Castor Oil
There are loads of natural oils you could try on your hair, but in my opinion, castor oil/ Jamaican black castor oil is the best by far. It adds instant sheen and makes the hair so soft and conditioned. Many oils sit on the hair and do not penetrate the strands and you are left with hair that is just greasy and heavy but castor oil seems to be more effective. It's also great at relieving dry/ itchy scalp.

2. Moisturiser
Add a good moisturiser to your daily routine as it is definitely one of the best products for afro hair. Quite simply, it keeps the hair from being dry and brittle, thus preventing breakage. One of my favourites is Creme of Nature's Argan Oil moisturiser.

3. Detangler
When those kinks and coils become all entwined, nothing separates them better than a good quality detangler. You are sure to see less breakage and have a lot less hassle once you start using one. My current favourite is Kinky Curly Knot Today (leave in conditioner and detangler). It's got so much slip and coats my strands perfectly. However, it does make your hair shrink so if you are trying to retain length when styling, this may not suit you.

4. Edge control
If you need help getting those curly hairs at the edge of your hairline slicked down and in place, then edge control is your friend. The great thing is that, edge control does not go hard or dry your hair out, like some hair gels can. My favourite edge controls are from Creme of Nature and Cantu.

5. Water
This one is a bit of a cheat, as it's not a product at all. However, I have added it to my list as it is essential. We are taught to avoid water as the afro will shrink, but experience has taught me that water is actually needed to keep our hair hydrated. Yes, the afro may shrink but if you want softer, longer hair, you need to incorporate water into your routine


  1. A pre-shampoo is a type of conditioning treatment that is applied on hair before using the actual shampoo. Its thick which allows it to form a coat over hair strands. The importance of this is protecting the hair from getting too dry and breaking.

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  2. A Dht shampoo for thinning hair may see to be effective because it adds body and volume to the hair. However, these effects are only superficial. The shampoo may actually be doing damage to your hair! Read this article and gain an understanding of the pH factor and learn to identify the shampoos to avoid.



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