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11 Apr 2016

The gadget Show 2016 review

the-gadgetshowlive2016, etscooter

The Mr and I went along to The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham's NEC on April 2nd to see what is new in the world of tech. We test drove loads of cool new gadgets and entered numerous comps. Did we win anything?
Nope! But we still had the best damn time!

gadgetshow-live-review-virtual-reality-reviewSome of the brands that featured at this year's Gadget Show Live included, HTC, Oculus Rift, Pioneer, HTC, Snugs, Tesla, Eyejusters and Otone.

Check out this video of some of our highlights from the day! 

Best bit of the day for me personally: Giving the Pioneer DJ decks a test drive and the Trusted Reviews quiz was fun,

Coolest product at Gadget Show Live 2016: ET scooter- A super cool, lightweight, foldable, premium scooter. I want one!

the gadget show live 2016 review, etscooter

All in all, it was a jam packed day and we had a blast. We will definitely be going again next year! 

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