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27 Apr 2016

The Coaching Academy- Is it worth it?

Two things I am crazy about are self development and growth. For that reason, I knew it was time I gave my continuous professional development some serious thought, so I signed up for a 2 day training session with The Coaching Academy. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I wanted to find out more about coaching and what it involves.

Day 1 was very impressive. The content covered was excellent and the trainers engaging ! I actually got a lot more than I bargained for. Here is a summary of what I learned on The Coaching Academy's 2 day training:

What coaching is and involves
How coaching differs to counselling and mentoring
Whether there could be a career for me in coaching (I decided it wasn't for me in the end)
The kind of money you can make from coaching
What the GROW model is
How to set and accomplish goals
The wheel of life and how to apply it to myself and clients
The comfort zone and limiting beliefs

Day 2 was slightly less impressive, as the 'sell' became more obvious. They were very eager to get everyone to sign up for their extremely expensive diplomas by offering these limited time 'discounts' *rolls eyes.* Their not so subtle approach to this became a bit annoying so I switched off towards the end of the 2nd day. 

In spite of the hard sell, I left the training sessions feeling empowered, inspired and charged up! I would definitely recommend it to people, I'm just not convinced the actual paid for courses are worth it!

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