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28 Apr 2016

10 Signs you are done with clubbing

I used to LOVE raving and I literally mean LOVE it! You would find me in the club 4 nights a week, getting turnt up, rocking a short ass mini skirt and the most ridiculously high heels. Me and my girls were usually the 1st to arrive (free entry before 11pm and all that) and the last to leave. 
A glass of Alizé in one hand, clutch in the other, I thought I was the sh*t! That was until, it started to feel like sh*t. It's mad because I don't even know why it changed. All I know is one day, raving/ clubbing/ partying or whatever you want to call it just stopped being fun.

One of the last ever times I went to a club, I just remember standing there thinking, 'What the heck am I doing here?' It was sweaty, smelly and over packed. The men were super thirsty, trying to brush up on the females at every opportunity and the girls were just so... so mean looking. Had I just paid 15 quid for this? Like really? After making my excuses to leave early, I remember driving home, asking myself,  'Has the club changed or have I?' To this day, I'm still not sure to be honest.

One thing I knew for sure was, I was done with clubbing! It was no longer for me
Here are 10 signs you might be done with clubbing. See how many you can relate to:
  1. You drag your butt to the club and stand there contemplating asking the DJ to turn the music down as it's giving you a headache
  2. That £7 you never used to mind spending on that JD and Coke suddenly seems offensively pricey
  3. Your sweatpants and hoody are more appealing than that sexy bodycon in the corner of your wardrobe
  4. When your friends are making plans to go to the club, you have your excuses pre-planned and ready
  5. When people are drunk and acting the fool around you, they now annoy you (even though you used to be them)
  6. Even the music sounds different! You would rather dance to that new Rihanna song in your bedroom mirror than in this club
  7. You delete a load of promoter's numbers from your phone. What do you need them for now?
  8. The attention you used to get no longer makes you feel flattered. Now it's just annoying. 
  9. Exploring new restaurants and finding cool bars is more of a fun nowadays than hitting the club
  10. You're in the club thinking how great it would be to be at home, tucked up in your cosy bed with a movie and some popcorn

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