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19 Mar 2016

How becoming a mum changes you

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When I found out I was expecting, I knew it would change my life forever, but I didn't anticipate just how much. Here are 5 ways being a new mum can change you. If you're a mum, no doubt you will identify with most (if not all) of these.

1. Being late
Punctuality has never been a strength of mine, even before having a baby but it has undoubtedly worsened. Here is a typical scenario- Attempt to leave my house then baby decides to take a big poo so I have to change his nappy, then he's suddenly hungry and demands his milk. I work on his time, not my own anymore

2. Driving like a granny 
I have always had a need for speed in my life when it comes to driving. I could never be anywhere fast enough. I blame a number of my male friends for the bad influence. But now? Now, I drive like a little old lady with all the time in the world and absolutely no where to be. When you know you have precious cargo on board, everyone and everything can wait!

3. OCD overdrive 
Becoming a mum has made my obsession with dirt and germs even worse. I don't even want people to touch my little prince without washing their hands first. If someone even so much as coughs near to my child, I want to create a magic bubble around him to protect him from the germs. Crazy I know.

4. A little vomit isn't gona kill 
This one is in complete contrast to the previous point. Going against every fussy bone in my body, I've learnt that if I change my bed sheets every time baby gets a little pee, dribble or vomit on them, I would probably change them twice a day and that's just not gonna happen. Sometimes you just have to learn to dodge the wet patches.

5.  Inseparable 
The idea of being a stay at home mum never appealed to me. I have always enjoyed making money far too much to be stuck indoors every day, but now my baby is here, it's like I want to spend every single second of the day with him. The very idea of putting him into childcare breaks my heart. I would not have ever thought I would feel this way.

(Hey guys, this is a post I wrote when my baba was a few months old but I forgot to post it!)

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