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27 Mar 2016

Celebrating our anniversary- M by Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch

To celebrate our anniversary, we contemplated many different ways to spend the day. Everything crossed our minds from a trip to NY, to zorbing, to indoor sky diving. Considering we took a trip to paris for our 2015 anniversary, we were trying super hard to make it as good, if not better. We eventually decided to save the big bucks for our 2016 family holiday and do something small but special for our anniversary. 

We decided on a hotel stay in London with some delicious food and drinks. We wanted something in the heart of the city and something modern and high end. Introducing M by Montcalm in Shoreditch. The Mr actually found this gem. It's a very new hotel (less than a year old) and the newness is evident in the cleanliness of the rooms and the spa. 

M by Montcalm in Shoreditch was in no short supply of modern amenities. Everything in the room was controlled by tablets (placed on either side of the bed), from opening and closing the curtains, to setting different colour mood lighting (for sexy time lol), to even turning the DND sign on. The room itself was cosy and the bed was heavenly but the real treat was the bathroom. The walk in shower was superb!! So big and welcoming. I could have stayed in there for hours. 


However, the true beauty of the hotel, M by Montcalm was their spa. I have visited many spas in my time, but this one was my idea of perfect! It was big enough, but not too huge to feel like a public swimming bath, the decor was spot on and it created the desired ambience and the jacuzzi was just lush! We stayed in there for aaaages. 


Dinner was spent at Meat Mission, also in Shoreditch and we indulged in possibly one of the best chicken burgers we have ever had. Fries were also enjoyed, along with onion rings and cocktails. You can't forget the cocktails! We had a really enjoyable anniversary and will one day pay another visit to M by Montcalm.

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