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15 Sep 2016

When you see your ex and laugh out loud

Recently I had the displeasure of seeing a picture of a guy I sort of used to date. He thought he was a god when we were dating, and from the way he looked in this pic, he still did! Feeling himself so hard, he left no room for anyone else to feel him- if you know what I mean!

6 Sep 2016

To vlog or not to vlog

Writing is something I have always done. Be it at school, age 11, writing my poem about winning the lottery (which was later published in a book- super proud moment), or writing articles for numerous magazines and websites over the years.

7 Jul 2016

Am I A Bad Mum For This?

baby-behaving-badly am-i-a-bad-mum

The other day, I questioned if motherhood was for me. I literally stood there, helpless, crying like a baby and wondering if I was cut out for it. I mean, this s**t is hard! And how do you know if you are doing it right? It's not like you get feedback or anything.

31 May 2016

10 Things You Should Consider Before Travelling With A Baby

tips for travelling with a baby
Almeria, Spain 2015

I am a big fan of travelling. Do it whilst you are young and you still can, is what I say. Life is too short to not see the world. In my son’s first year, we took him to Paris, Spain, Brussels and Dubai. People often ask me what it was like travelling with a new baby. Was it stressful? Hard work? Tiring? Was there lots to carry? The answer to all of these questions is, Yes! However, there are ways to reduce the stress and headache of doing it. Here are 10 things every parent should consider before traveling with a baby.

24 May 2016

The 5 best products for healthy afro hair


With so much conflicting information available on the net about the best products, treatments and regimes for healthy afro hair, you would be forgiven for being just a teeny bit confused. 'Do this, but don't do that, buy this, but avoid that'... It's exhausting! If a product is promising thicker, fuller, longer and healthier natural hair, guess what? We are buying it! The obsession black women have with their hair is real! After testing out lots (and I mean lots) of different products, these are my best 5 products to grow healthy natural hair

28 Apr 2016

10 Signs you are done with clubbing

I used to LOVE raving and I literally mean LOVE it! You would find me in the club 4 nights a week, getting turnt up, rocking a short ass mini skirt and the most ridiculously high heels. Me and my girls were usually the 1st to arrive (free entry before 11pm and all that) and the last to leave. 

27 Apr 2016

The Coaching Academy- Is it worth it?

Two things I am crazy about are self development and growth. For that reason, I knew it was time I gave my continuous professional development some serious thought, so I signed up for a 2 day training session with The Coaching Academy. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I wanted to find out more about coaching and what it involves.

11 Apr 2016

The gadget Show 2016 review

the-gadgetshowlive2016, etscooter

The Mr and I went along to The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham's NEC on April 2nd to see what is new in the world of tech. We test drove loads of cool new gadgets and entered numerous comps. Did we win anything?

7 Apr 2016

6 Ways to find the best childcare


How do you find the best childcare?

Finding the right childcare can be so daunting. You are about to trust complete strangers to look after you precious baby, so these strangers need to be the best strangers possible. So, how exactly do you find the best childcare available? I viewed 8 nurseries for my son and 1 childminder and ended up sending him to a childminder in the end. Why did I choose the childminder? Because the only nursery I was entirely happy with had no spaces and I felt a connection with the child minder within minutes of talking to her. Whether you decide on a nursery or a childminder, here is my list of things to consider when you are searching.

30 Mar 2016

Best black Bodysuits

Bodysuits seem to be a staple in every girls wardrobe right now and I think it's about time I got in on the action. I own 3, but when is 3 ever enough? I want more! Online shopping, here I come!

27 Mar 2016

Celebrating our anniversary- M by Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch

To celebrate our anniversary, we contemplated many different ways to spend the day. Everything crossed our minds from a trip to NY, to zorbing, to indoor sky diving. Considering we took a trip to paris for our 2015 anniversary, we were trying super hard to make it as good, if not better. We eventually decided to save the big bucks for our 2016 family holiday and do something small but special for our anniversary. 

19 Mar 2016

How becoming a mum changes you

black family_dubai_mummy in dubai

When I found out I was expecting, I knew it would change my life forever, but I didn't anticipate just how much. Here are 5 ways being a new mum can change you. If you're a mum, no doubt you will identify with most (if not all) of these.

15 Mar 2016

Lianne La Havas- Royal Albert Hall Review

Lianne la Havas_Royal Albert hALL_

Last night, South London singer/ songwriter, Lianne La Havas graced the stage of the world famous Royal Albert Hall and I had the pleasure of being there to witness it. Put simply, she was exquisite! Such elegance, grace and an extremely down to earth vibe- the kind of vibe that makes you want to be her friend. 

11 Mar 2016

Mali Music feat. Jhené Aiko- Contradiction

Gospel/ R&B singer, Mali Music has teamed up with Jhene Aiko for 'Contradiction.' This is featured on the Chi-Raq soundtrack (for all those who have seen the Spike Lee film), but the pair have just released the video for it and it's one with a message. 

16 Feb 2016

Afro-Caribbean baby food in the UK

I am currently conducting some research into commercial baby food in the UK and the buying habits of mummies and daddies. Because of this, I am asking all parents/ guardians of babies aged 4 months to 3 years to kindly fill in the below survey. It will take you between 2-3 minutes, I promise. Thanks in advance. XOXO
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