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25 Aug 2015

The key to a happy relationship


Getting into a relationship is easy, maintaining a happy and healthy one is the trickier part. I have come across many people who are in so called relationships but are ridiculously miserable. So what's the point? It starts out beautiful (as most relationships do), but then somewhere down the line, something changes. One of you no longer does the things you used to do to make the other happy, one of you stops giving the other time or attention and before you know it, you're on a fast train to a break up. 

Relationships are hard work.' I've heard it said so much and when I entered into my first proper relationship, I understood why. They require patience, understanding, compromise, communication and sometimes, getting out of your own emotions. 

I asked people in relationships what they believed the key to a happy relationship was. Here are some of my favourite responses

'Understanding. To understand somebody is to really know them- knowing their likes and dislikes, habits, their mind etc and once you know these things you should never fail to make that person happy.'

'Being open and honest. You have to be honest. Without it, there is no trust. When you are completely open with your partner, things run much more smoothly and that bond or connection that you have becomes stronger. Even if it is something that they don't want to hear or don't like the sound of, it's better to be
honest as it will only come and bite you in the ass at some point and could potentially ruin your relationship.'

'Friendship and laughter are key. The best feeling is when you can completely be yourself around your partner and they do not judge you. They love you for you... the good, the bad and even the ugly!'

'Communication is the key. You both are going to be feeling so many things and each person won't truly understand how each other is feeling until you talk.' 

'Mine is to pick the right battles, leave love notes under his pillow, make him laugh, not to forget your own ambitions and ask your partner for advice.'

'You have to try to be selfless and put your partner's feelings before your own at times, as hard as it may be.'

'Keep it fresh. Nothing stays new and exciting forever and naturally you may get bored of something or someone you have had for a while. You have to keep things fun and exciting and try new things to keep your relationship as happy as it was at the start.'

'Take time to still do the things you love and the things that make you feel alive. If you stop being happy, you cannot make someone else happy.'  

Love and be loved. xoxo

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