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20 Aug 2015

The hardest things about becoming a new mum

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Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible things you can choose to do, but it's not without its challenges. From a serious lack of sleep, to kissing goodbye to those much loved lay ins (oh how I miss them), to learning to love ur post pregnancy body- there are a number of big adjustments to be made when you become a new mum.

For me personally, the hardest thing about becoming a new mum has not been the lack of sleep- as this is something I was warned about time and time again by friends with children. As selfish as it may sound, my biggest challenge has been getting used to having less time for me. I used to love me some me time. I take pleasure in painting my nails, blogging, reading, DJing, checking out new music watching episodes of my favourite series' etc, but these things have taken such a back seat since I had my baby. It's not a bad thing, but it does take some getting used to. These days, I find myself looking down at my chipped toenails in utter shame. They have definitely seen better days. Bottom line is, it's not about me anymore. My priority is my beautiful baby.

I spoke to some other first time mums and put together a list of some of the challenges we as new mums face:

Bye Bye sleep
Learn to love and appreciate your sleep whilst you have no kids because when they come, sleep becomes pretty elusive (especially at the start)!

No time
Like sleep, time for yourself also seems to disappear when you have a baby. If you're not washing bottles, you're cooking, or washing clothes or doing something baby related. If and when you can, indulge in something that is for you and not at all baby related- even if it is simply going for a walk for 30 minutes. It will do you some good, trust me.

Changes to your body
Some women are lucky enough to snap back into shape in what seems like days after giving birth. I am not some women. My body took a while to heal and as for the snapping back part, that's still a working progress. In addition to the changes in your body shape or size, you learn to love (or live with) new scars and stretch marks.

Emotionally overwhelmed
You can become overwhelmed with so many emotions and keeping strong when baby is crying can sometimes be a challenge. It's hard as you don't really know why it is they are crying. You are left wondering if they are happy with you or if you are doing enough.

The pressure to breastfeed
Whether you do or don't or can or can't, the decision to breastfeed should always remain yours. From the moment you give birth, it seems like everyone and their grandma wants to know how you are going to feed baby and if you say you are not breastfeeding, the look of disapproval is hard to ignore. The pressure is real! 


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