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20 Mar 2015

The 5 best things about being pregnant

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Pregnancy, for some women is not a fun ride at all. Lets face it, it can be a tough old time. Dealing with a gigantic belly, stretch marks over your previously flawless skin, swollen ankles/ feet/ face/ facial features/ everything, general weight gain, morning sickness, a lack of sleep, extreme fatigue because of this lack of sleep, tender boobies, countless trips to the loo... need I go on? But, in spite of all of this, being pregnant is one of the most beautiful, surreal and inexplicable experiences a woman will ever have.

My pregnancy was incredible, albeit challenging at times. But to be totally honest, I was fortunate enough not to suffer from any swelling or extreme weight gain. My issue was more to do with with nausea and vomiting, but even with the nausea, I enjoyed every second of being pregnant- well almost every second. 

Here are the 5 best things about being pregnant:

1. You have an excuse to eat like a pig. Although the 'eating for 2' thing is just a myth, being pregnant is one of the few times you don't get looked at like a greedy guts for going back for round 2 at dinner time. The other time it's acceptable is Christmas- but you knew this!

2. The attention you receive from other people. A baby bump is a sure fire way to get a loving and warm smile from a complete stranger. People are just generally more friendly.

3. The glow. Some will say that the apparent radiance of your skin when you are pregnant is just a myth, but I beg to differ. I deffo saw a difference in my skin. It became smoother and clearer. Yay for pregnancy!

4. Being fussed over. When you're pregnant, you have a genuine reason to let everyone around you cater to you. Let them cook and clean. All you have to focus on is making sure you are happy and healthy- after all, you're carrying precious cargo. 

I saved the best for last...

5. Baby movements. This is undeniably the BEST part of being pregnant. Feeling a little person growing, kicking and sticking out an elbow or foot inside of your tum is an out of this world sensation. It's almost alien like. If you are fortunate enough, you will also get to see these movements. Quite simply, you won't ever experience anything that comes remotely close to this.

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