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16 Mar 2015

Baby Bump Photoshoot

good-looking-black-couple, cute-pregnancy-baby-bump, 8-month-baby-bump-photoshoot

After what will soon be a one year hiatus, I am returning to my blog with a huge change in my life. I have become a mummy to a beautifully perfect little boy. I spent the best part of 2014 sporting a lovely baby bump, coping with morning sickness, planning and preparing for the new arrival, holidaying in Thailand and generally enjoying the last few months I would have to myself.

I always promised myself I would do a baby bump photoshoot when I got pregnant, so as soon as I had a good sized bump, I did just that. Hiring 3 hours of studio space from Idezign studios in North London, I managed to get some pretty cool shots that I was really pleased with.

Here are 2 of my favourites

baby-bump-photoshoot, happy-black-couple
baby-bump-shoot, cute-black-couple, black-couple-photoshoot

Baby bump photoshoots are super enjoyable and are a really beautiful way to capture what will be one of the most unique experiences of your life. Think about it, when will you have another excuse to celebrate having such a huge belly? Probably never! So have some fun and just go for it!

Here are some of my favourite celebrity baby bump photoshoots
ciara-baby-bump, ciara-baby-photoshoot, ciara-pregnant
kelly-rowland-baby-bump, kelly-rowland-baby-photosoot,kelly-rowland-naked
Shakira-boyfriend, shakira-pregnant, shakira-baby-bump
Christina-Aguilera-pregnant, Christina-Aguilera-baby-bump
lamiyah-good-pregnant, meagan-good-sister-pregnant, meagan-good-sister-baby
amber-rose-baby-bump, amber-rose-pregnant, amber-rose-body

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