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19 Apr 2014

The benefits of box braids

<img src="boxbraidswithbangs.jpg" alt="chunky box braids bangs" />
My box braids with sweeping bangs
If like me, you have natural afro hair, you will know about the importance of protective hair styling to prevent hair breakage. Keeping it fresh and exciting can sometimes be tricky and there is often a tendency to stick with the hairstyle you are most comfy with. This was me. With a couple of exceptions, I have not really deviated from my full head weave with blunt fringe for 2 and a half years. That's a long time, isn't it? 

When I last took my hair out of weave, I noticed that my hair was really dry and brittle. It was crying out for moisture, as it had been deprived for 6 weeks (the length of time I had my weave in). To try and combat this, I gave my hair a deep condition and a protein treatment to restore some moisture and strengthen the strands. That day, I made a very key decision- IT WAS TIME TO GIVE THE WEAVES A BREAK!

I instead opted for box braids. Box braids would give my hair some breathing space. Here are some of the hairstyles that inspired my chunky box braids
<img src="chunkyboxbraids.jpg" alt="chunky box braids" />
<img src="boxbraidshighbun" alt="high bun box braids beyonce" />
Eva and Beyonce look stunning with their box braids
 5 reasons why box braids are a great protective style:

1. Box braids allow you to access your scalp and grease it to avoid itching and dryness
2. Box braids are easy to wash
3. Box braids offer versatile styling
4. Box braids make you look like an African queen/ nubian beauty
5. You can easily re-do them when they start looking messy

NB: Be careful with the tension box braids can put on your edges. You don't want them to pull out the sides of your hair

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