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4 Mar 2014

Black Up Full Coverage Foundation review

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Ever since I was introduced to it, I have been in love with Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and have not stopped using it. The light and natural coverage makes it feel like a second skin, which is a really great feeling. So my recent decision to switch up my foundation routine was not motivated by dissatisfaction, but more by the fact that I happened to be passing by a Black Up counter in Debenhams and fancied trying something different.

I asked the Beautician for assistance and she recommended that I try the Black Up full coverage foundation. She reassured me it would offer more coverage than my Illamasqua Skin Base and then tested it on me to match the colour. I instantly liked it. The colour match was pretty much spot on and it did indeed offer great coverage. Sold! I purchased it for £27. It's not cakey or thick and a little goes a heck of a long way. It also leaves a perfect matt finish. I would actually go as far to say that the coverage is so good that you don't really need to use a concealer with it. For now, I am going to say bye bye to Illamasqua. This Black Up foundation is my new go to product.

Overall product rating: 4/5

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