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28 Mar 2014

Mila J - Smoke, Drink, Break-Up official video

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You may remember I blogged about an artist called Mila J a few weeks back. Welllllll, I'm blogging about her again. The more I listen to and watch her, the more in love with her I become. Her vocals are banging, she can dance her ass off and she is bloody stunning. If you're new to Mila J, she is the older sister of another of my favourites, Jhene Aiko

Mila has now dropped the video for her track, Smoke, Drink, Break Up and I would be lying if I said this video was anything short of HEAVY! From the choreography, the styling, the break in the middle, to the old skool Aaliyah vibe... Every damn thing screams awesome! I really hope Mila gets the recognition and success she deserves. 

Smoke, Drink, Break Up is available to download now. Watch the video here

27 Mar 2014

Sevyn Streeter and Kid Ink get close in video for nEXt

Signed to Atlantic records, Sevyn Streeter (real name Amber Denise Streeter) is one I have kept a keen eye on for a while now. After downloading her debut EP, Call Me Crazy, But... back in December, I haven't quite been able to put it down. It's R&B at its finest. The first track to be released from the EP was It won't stop, featuring the sexy vocals of Chris Brown. I swear I watched the video like 1000 times. The addiction to this track was real. Now, Sevyn Streeter has chosen the Kid Ink remix of nEXt as the next track to be released from the EP. And what a great choice too! Watch the steamy video here:

24 Mar 2014

New Video- Chris Brown ft Tyga, Lil Wayne- Loyal

Chris Brown has dropped the video for his highly addictive track, Loyal- A song about groupies and fake girls who just want to attach themselves to famous names to get rich quickly. 

This track is from Chris' upcoming sixth studio album, X, which is expected to be released on May 5, 2014. The video is pretty cool and contains some impressive choreography too (but then again, this is Chris brown- what else would you expect?) Look out for Usher's cameo in the video. He's still got it ;)

4 Mar 2014

Black Up Full Coverage Foundation review

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Ever since I was introduced to it, I have been in love with Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and have not stopped using it. The light and natural coverage makes it feel like a second skin, which is a really great feeling. So my recent decision to switch up my foundation routine was not motivated by dissatisfaction, but more by the fact that I happened to be passing by a Black Up counter in Debenhams and fancied trying something different.