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14 Feb 2014

Property Investment session for young people with Hazel De Kloe

This week, I have fully immersed myself into the world of property investment. It is something I have been interested in for a while, so I thought why talk about it when you can be about it?

First off, I arranged for a top Property Investor and Mentor, Hazel De Kloe to come to my workplace and deliver an insightful talk and training session for young people, on property investment and how it all works. This session took place on Monday afternoon in Brixton (South London) and was for girls aged 14-30 years. Now, I know you are probably thinking... 'Why on earth would a 14 year old need to learn about property?' And you are not alone in your thoughts, as my colleague said the exact same thing to me. My response to this was quite simple, 'Is it ever too early to learn how to make money and become financially free? If I had been more literate in property and investment from a 
younger age, where might I be now?' Her doubts were quickly laid to rest. 

The session went ahead, Hazel came and did her thing and the result was nothing short of a massive success. She was incredibly engaging, witty and down to earth. She broke the subject of property investment down and made it really understandable and more importantly, interesting. The audience were gripped! By opening with this statement, 'My partner and I purchased our first property when I was 20 years old, using our student loan,' she instantly had my attention. No hand outs from parents, no big old stash of savings, just a student loan and some serious guts. I loved this woman from the get go.
Hazel gave us tonnes of information on the property market and how she built her property portfolio, quit her job as a music teacher and became financially free. She spoke about a range of strategies, including Buy-to-Let, Buy-to-Sell (flipping) and HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) and more.

We were inspired, educated and undeniably moved by Hazel and her positivity. I almost wish I had filmed the whole thing so I could show it to you, but I sadly didn't. But fear not! She has a great website you can check out. If you have ever thought about property investment and want to know more, have a nosey around her site, it is full of helpful advice and articles, and she even has a free downloadable golden rules for property investment guide. Interested? Click here. Hazel is also launching a book soon, which I know I will be getting!

Whilst with us, Hazel let us in on one of her all time favourite quotes by Henry Ford,

'Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right.'

Like me, she is big on positive affirmations and the importance of self belief, hard work and knowledge of subject area to succeed!

Be Inspired! 


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