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14 Feb 2014

Property Investment session for young people with Hazel De Kloe

This week, I have fully immersed myself into the world of property investment. It is something I have been interested in for a while, so I thought why talk about it when you can be about it?

First off, I arranged for a top Property Investor and Mentor, Hazel De Kloe to come to my workplace and deliver an insightful talk and training session for young people, on property investment and how it all works. This session took place on Monday afternoon in Brixton (South London) and was for girls aged 14-30 years. Now, I know you are probably thinking... 'Why on earth would a 14 year old need to learn about property?' And you are not alone in your thoughts, as my colleague said the exact same thing to me. My response to this was quite simple, 'Is it ever too early to learn how to make money and become financially free? If I had been more literate in property and investment from a 
younger age, where might I be now?' Her doubts were quickly laid to rest. 

Valentines Day Gift from Mya- With Love EP

Mya With Love

Grammy Award winning artist, Mya, has today released a 4 song Valentine EP for her fans. The V-Day Mya offering is titled 'With Love' and is a laid back collection of 4 sexy and smooth R&B tunes. This little gift comes ahead of the release of her eighth studio album, which she is currently working on. 'With Love' is sexy and slow, two things Mya does incredibly well. It's an independent release on Mya’s Planet 9 label via InGrooves. I have always been a big Mya fan, since way back when, so it's always refreshing to hear new music from her. Happy Valentines Day beauties!

1. Space
2. Like A Woman
3. House Party
4. Do It

Have a listen to snippets from Mya's 'With Love'EP here and let me know what you think.