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2 Jan 2014

Restaurant review- Wild Mango

I love eating out, actually scratch that, I just love eating- full stop! However, although I love to fill my belly with deliciously yummy food, I am incredibly fussy about where and what I eat. I have visited one too many restaurants from hell, and I mean hell! Dirty cutlery, warm food (that gives me run belly), terrible customer service and hairs in my food are just some of the horrors that I have seen. 

A while back, the other half and I were bored stiff and ridiculously hungry. We ventured out in search of something new and exciting and came across Wild Mango, a little Indian restaurant in Beckenham. From it's cosy and intimate feel, to the smiling and welcoming staff- this place was winning from the get go. 

The food was simply amazing- no lie! I've had my fair share of curries and naan breads, but this was special. I ordered the 'Wild Mango chicken' curry which is chicken tikka with mango with minced lamb, medium spice and served with special fried rice. After swapping the special fried rice for mushroom rice, I selected my naan bread- Keema of course. The food arrived in good time and it tasted sensational. It might sound like I'm exaggerating, but that food really was the bomb!! It was fresh and sweet, with just enough spice. To say we were pleased would be a major understatement. Our bellies were left full and we walked away, two very satisfied customers. We have since been back to Wild Mango twice, and if you ask anyone that knows me, I have not stopped ravin on about how fabulous this little gem of a restaurant is.

Best points: Food and amazing customer service
Room for improvement: The music could be a little louder in there, as it's too quiet and I don't really like hearing other people's conversations. The food is a little pricey.

I rate Wild Mango 4/5

<img src="wildmango.jpg" alt="wildmangoreview" />
<img src="wildmango.jpg" alt="wildmangobeckenham" />

If you know of any great restaurants around South London, please do share. xo

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