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19 Jan 2014

Discovering London- The Natural History Museum

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 Despite the fact I have been living in London for a little over 10 years now, I am a little ashamed to admit that I have not visited many of it's main tourist attractions. When I say 'not many', I guess it might be more accurate and honest to say 'next to none'. Ok, so I have been on the London Eye, which was awesome and breathtaking to say the least. Last year, I went on a cruise along the Thames. I once visited the V&A Museum for a Fashion exhibition... and that's about it! lol. Shameful I know!

So I set myself a new goal for 2014- to discover and explore more of London. On Saturday, this mission began. I headed for London's Trafalgar Square and mingled with the tourists. I felt like a right little country bumpkin. It was great! My journey started at The National Gallery, which houses a large collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. It's free of charge but I must admit, I found it immensely boring. I did try to enjoy it and care, but it just wasn't my type of thing! Plus, there were some right snobby people in there.

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I then moved on to the M&M store in Leicester Square (very cultural). This shop is so cool and super fun. They sell every possible piece of M&M merchandise for silly prices, and people buy it. I didn't buy a thing, I simply looked, and enjoyed.

I ended my trip with a walk to Oxford Circus for a little retail therapy (yaaaay). All in all, I had a wonderful day and got to act like a newby in the city I now call home. I will keep you posted with more of my escapades.xo

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