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10 Jan 2014

A break away- Dominican Republic 2013

Towards the end of last year, I was having quite a tough time. I felt stressed, anxious and generally weighed down- with everything! My job was bla, my relationship with my sister (who is my best friend and the closest person to me) was on the rocks and I just felt rather fed up with life. I was unimpressed with it all, to say the least. My boyfriend suggested we take a break. He was adamant that a little time away from the routine, the everyday hustle would really help to give me the pick me up that was so badly needed.

I agreed and we began searching for a destination. We eventually decided on Punta Cana, in the Dom Rep. We went for 7 nights and stayed at the Ifa Villas Bavaro Resort & Spa.

The hotel was nice, not amazing as I had hoped, but decent enough. But the food situation was quite awful. The food was never hot, it was always just about warm or cold. There were about a million flies, making themselves very comfortable on every single food counter, which made me want to vom at the very sight.  It seemed mission impossible to eat food that had not been troubled by flies. The food on offer at this hotel made me want to go on a diet, and fast.

The hotel staff were pleasant enough, but with the exception of a couple, they didn't really go out of their way to make us feel welcome or comfortable.

In spite of the ill mannered staff and the less than tasty food on offer at this resort, our holiday was awesome. We laughed, we partied, we got drunk, we sunbathed, we swam, we snorkelled with baby sharks and sting rays, we walked along the bottom of the ocean with the fish, we drank Mamajuana, we sunbathed, we danced, we relaxed, we grew closer, we fell deeper 

I sought solace in the sunny Punta Cana and I came back feeling so much more refreshed, happy and new. If you can, when you can and when your body tells you to, take a break! It's so easy to forget the importance of time away from everyday life and everyday people. We all get tired and weary and it's at this time, we need to re-charge the batteries.

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