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14 Jun 2013

My first tattoo... A Life quote

I have never really been the tattoo type. Ink never did anything for me. Admittedly, seeing a bit of ink on a guy almost certainly added to that sex appeal but to actually consider getting my own bit of body art? Nah, never! But all that changed at the start of this year. Dont ask me what caused the change because I honestly could not tell you. All I know is the idea of getting a tattoo started becoming more and more attractive to me. I dabbled with different tattoo ideas (for ages). I looked at some really pretty designs and I was almost certain I was going to go with the Love Infinity tattoo, but that novelty soon wore off. I decide I wanted my 1st bit of ink to be something more personal, more meaningful, more original. I decided I was going to get a quote tattoo. 

'Let go and let God'... There it was! That was going to be my 1st bit of ink and I decided I wanted the tattoo to be on my forearm. Some people did not understand the meaning and they told me it sounded incomplete and didn't quite make sense. Bottom line is that it made sense to me. Tattoos should be personal. 'Let go and let God' is a way of saying let go of anything in life that is hurting you, tearing you down, stressing you out, causing confusion and let God work his magic in your life and help to deal with the situation. It is true to literally everything and it's a motto I try to live by. One of the only ways to find true happiness is to learn to let go.

I had my 1st tattoo done with my boyfriend. He also got his 1st one done- also on his forearm, but his is inside whereas mine is on my outer arm. We went to Sacred Ink tattoo shop in Herne Hill, South London.

'Let go and let God' tattoo for her
'I have a Dream' tattoo for him

My mum saw the picture of my tattoo and had a mini heart attack, asking me why the hell it was so big and telling me that the tattoo may ruin my job prospects lol. I simply told her, 'mum, it's my arm and I love it!'

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