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21 Jun 2013

Girls gone wild in Cancun- Summer 13

So recently my girls and I jetted off to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate one of their birthdays. Cancun has been on my list of places to visit for as long as I can remember so when the plan finally materialised, I was mad excited!

We had a blast! Every moment was incredible, whether simply laying by the pool, backing Tequila shots like women with serious alcohol problems or being cheap skates and haggling with the locals to get discount on our souvenirs- it truly was a holiday to remember!

If you have ever thought about going to Mexico, go! And make sure you hit up Coco Bongo and Congo Bar. 

Here are some of my favourite pix from Cancun. Disfrutar!! (that means 'Enjoy' in Spanish- he he)

14 Jun 2013

My first tattoo... A Life quote

I have never really been the tattoo type. Ink never did anything for me. Admittedly, seeing a bit of ink on a guy almost certainly added to that sex appeal but to actually consider getting my own bit of body art? Nah, never! But all that changed at the start of this year. Dont ask me what caused the change because I honestly could not tell you. All I know is the idea of getting a tattoo started becoming more and more attractive to me. I dabbled with different tattoo ideas (for ages). I looked at some really pretty designs and I was almost certain I was going to go with the Love Infinity tattoo, but that novelty soon wore off. I decide I wanted my 1st bit of ink to be something more personal, more meaningful, more original. I decided I was going to get a quote tattoo.