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2 Feb 2013

They don't make them like they used to... Just reminiscing

I miss the good old days. That's not to say, I don't love life now because I do but I'm an 80's kid. I just miss the way certain things used to be; The simplicity of life before all these technological advancements. I miss the innocent days, how great life was before I discovered what heartache and pain felt like ;'(

 I miss long ass phone conversations (on a landline phone). As much as I can get down with Whats App and text messaging, nothing and I mean NOTHING beats a good old telephone convo. I miss playing outside with my friends til it got dark, come rain, sun, snow, harsh winds. It didn't matter. The weather was never going to restrict our fun. We simply felt happy being with our best mates and making up noise in the street playing Knock down ginger, Polo, Curby, Tag, Kiss chase or whatever else we felt like doing. 

I miss rushing upstairs on a Friday night to catch the vey beginning of Tim Westwood's show on BBC Radio 1 and hovering my finger over the record button on my tape deck to ensure I didn't miss my chance to capture all the hot new music he was about to unleash! I would literally sit there for the whole show pressing pause at the end of each song so I didn't record any of his links. That was true dedication to music and to radio. With so much choice available now with radio, podcasts, youtube, on demand, listen back, is anyone this loyal to radio anymore? 

I miss the great TV programmes I watched growing up, like Sister Sister with Tia and Tamera and their hilarious mum, Lisa. I miss Moesha. I miss The Secret World of Alex Mack; I used to wish I could transform into a transparent liquid like she did and get into places I had no business being in. I miss Saved By The Bell. I miss Sabrina The Teenage Witch and her little sidekick, Salem. I miss Hang Time. I miss City Guys. I miss The Power Rangers.

I miss the days of having no responsibility, no bills, no worries. I miss my first love. Not him, but what we shared- the way we were so inseparable. Guess we were loves young dream! I miss buying loads of penny sweets from our local sweet shop. I miss the days when Walkers Crisps used to cost 25p. I miss hanging out in the common room at sixth form with my friends, listening to 112 and Dru Hill, thinking we were super cool kids. I miss the days when stress was little more than deciding what colour laces to wear in my Air Force trainers. 

I just miss how it used to be...x

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