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28 Feb 2013

Learning to find comfort in discomfort

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How do we learn to find comfort in discomfort? It's basically like learning to be happy even when you feel sad. Learning to smile, even when things don't quite go your way. It's quite challenging at the best of times to be fair. No one wants to smile when they have had a crappy day at work and I am yet to meet someone who thinks it's joyful when they are receiving ridiculous charges for being overdrawn on their account. I guess the trick is to not let these circumstances consume you.

It's not our circumstances that steal our happiness, it's our attitude to those circumstances. Let that simmer for a second.....Think about it... It is so powerful and so true. Our happiness cannot be tied to circumstances as there will always be things that go wrong in our lives. You might have a problem now which is making you feel sad and low but the reality is that once that problem has passed, there will more than likely be another thing juuust around the corner that bothers you or gets you down. What will you do then? Let it make you sad and miserable again?

Bottom line is this... 

Situations will always change and sad and hard times will always pass, but try not to allow these to steal your joy. We have to learn to find inner peace so we can learn to smile- even through the bullshit life often chucks at us. x


  1. Just what I needed to read, perfect timing x

  2. needed this. thanks so much :)



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