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27 Feb 2013

Black shoe swag

Black shoe swag

CJG black boots
£61 - topshop.com
River Island black shoes
River Island ankle boots

I haven't posted on here for what seems like forever. My blog has been well and truly neglected whilst I have been busy dealing with life. I can't lie, I needed a bit of me time, time away from it all, time to breathe. For my regular readers and enjoyers... I do apologise.

Anyway, what better way to come back than with some lush shoes for us to stare at, dribble over and go out and purchase (after all, it is pay day this week... yaaay!). I peeped the new arrivals in some of my fav high street stores and look at these beauts I came across in River Island and Topshop...

I am in serious LOVE with no.3

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