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28 Feb 2013

Learning to find comfort in discomfort

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How do we learn to find comfort in discomfort? It's basically like learning to be happy even when you feel sad. Learning to smile, even when things don't quite go your way. It's quite challenging at the best of times to be fair. No one wants to smile when they have had a crappy day at work and I am yet to meet someone who thinks it's joyful when they are receiving ridiculous charges for being overdrawn on their account. I guess the trick is to not let these circumstances consume you.

27 Feb 2013

Black shoe swag

Black shoe swag

CJG black boots
£61 - topshop.com
River Island black shoes
River Island ankle boots

I haven't posted on here for what seems like forever. My blog has been well and truly neglected whilst I have been busy dealing with life. I can't lie, I needed a bit of me time, time away from it all, time to breathe. For my regular readers and enjoyers... I do apologise.

Anyway, what better way to come back than with some lush shoes for us to stare at, dribble over and go out and purchase (after all, it is pay day this week... yaaay!). I peeped the new arrivals in some of my fav high street stores and look at these beauts I came across in River Island and Topshop...

I am in serious LOVE with no.3

4 Feb 2013

Beyonce is coming to London

Music icon, Beyonce has announced she will be playing four gigs in London this year as part of her Mrs. Carter world tour. Queen B will be performing at The O2 on April 29th, April 30th, May 1st and May 3rd.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on February 23rd though O2 customers can get them 48 hours earlier. I am in no doubt that the tickets will sell out in a matter of minutes (especially after her incredible Super Bowl performance last night) so get in there early.

 I have always wanted to see Beyonce live so I will be waiting patiently at my laptop the very second they go on sale!  

2 Feb 2013

They don't make them like they used to... Just reminiscing

I miss the good old days. That's not to say, I don't love life now because I do but I'm an 80's kid. I just miss the way certain things used to be; The simplicity of life before all these technological advancements. I miss the innocent days, how great life was before I discovered what heartache and pain felt like ;'(