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26 Jan 2013

My urge for ink

<img src="claudianelsontattoo.jpg" alt="Claudia Nelson ink" />

For some strange reason, the past 2 weeks or so have seen me dabbling with the idea of getting a tattoo. Yep! You heard me correctly; The body ink has started calling my name. To be honest, I never thought it would call my name, let alone have me listening to the calls. Don't ask me what has brought on this sudden urge for ink, as I'm not sure I know. It might have a teeny weeny bit to do with the fact that I am following model, Claudia Nelson (pictured above) on Instagram and every time she posts new pix, I fall more in love with her beautifully coloured floral sleeve and body art; I think it's so sexy! My new quest to be more spontaneous and adventurous might also be partly to blame. I dunno! But what I am certain of is the fact that I'm interested.

Yesterday, I walked into a tattoo shop and looked at a few designs. I sought advice from Gary (the lovely fella in the shop) and I even enquired about prices. When I mention money, it's a key indicator that i'm serious. lol.

However, I don't just want to get a inked up for the sake of it. Whatever I decide to etch on my skin has to mean something to me. It has to be something that will always have meaning and be something I will never stop liking- after all, it will be there forever. And something that definitely means something to me is LOVE!

I have my eye on this Love Infinity tatt. I really like it and since I love to love, I think it may be a good shout...
<img src="loveinfinitytattoo.jpg" alt="love infinity tattoo" />

I really hope I don't chicken out when it comes to actually sitting my butt down in the chair. We'll see.... 

Have you got any ink or would you get any?


  1. I was in your exact position about 6 months ago. haha I wanted something so bad I end up getting my virog zodiac sign on my inner wrist and I love it. That Love Infinity would be dope! First tattoo always have to have a meaning! Good Luck!!

    1. Awww thanks Gloria. I'm super excited!x

  2. once you get one you'll want more. trust me...i have 4. sigh and i've been craving a new one. already planned the two that i want next. it's just about time and money.
    good luck. post after!

    1. LOL... This is what everyone is telling me, that they are super addictive. I can't wait!! I will be sure to post once I have i done. x



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