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26 Jan 2013

My urge for ink

<img src="claudianelsontattoo.jpg" alt="Claudia Nelson ink" />

For some strange reason, the past 2 weeks or so have seen me dabbling with the idea of getting a tattoo. Yep! You heard me correctly; The body ink has started calling my name. To be honest, I never thought it would call my name, let alone have me listening to the calls. Don't ask me what has brought on this sudden urge for ink, as I'm not sure I know. It might have a teeny weeny bit to do with the fact that I am following model, Claudia Nelson (pictured above) on Instagram and every time she posts new pix, I fall more in love with her beautifully coloured floral sleeve and body art; I think it's so sexy! My new quest to be more spontaneous and adventurous might also be partly to blame. I dunno! But what I am certain of is the fact that I'm interested.

23 Jan 2013

Loving the Blazers

Growing up, I was the ultimate tom boy and anything remotely baggy or boyish would usually catch my eye. Baseball caps, hoodies, baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts- I lived in them! There was a stage when it was a struggle to get me to wear anything but trainers. Girly stuff just didn't interest me, not at all! I used to save my pathetic McDonalds wage to buy ridiculously expensive Nike and Adidas trainers. What fuelled my love of trainers? I blame Hip Hop! :)

Then somehow, somewhere along the line, I lost my love for trainers. I went from wearing them all the time to wearing them to the gym, which basically meant not wearing them at all.

I have decided, I want to fall back in love with trainers again. Late last year, I purchased some grey Adidas high tops and I freekin love them. When I wear them, I feel slightly cool. Here they are...
I love the simplicity of these bad boys, plus, I have a thing for grey trainers. Boring for some, but I reckon grey can look really slick.
I'm going to buy some more trainers and I am leaning more and more towards a pair of Nike Blazers. Still not decided on the colour, I have picked out some of my favourites.

I love these dark atomic teal vintage blazers. They're a bit lush aren't they! 

16 Jan 2013

Value the beauty of the moment

Today I am feeling quite... ummmm.... I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Reflective maybe? I woke up this morning and entered into a deep and long journey of thoughts, which got me thinking...

12 Jan 2013

I kissed goodbye to my hair- The Big Chop

<img src="hairbreakage.jpg" alt="hairbreakage" />

I am starting to feel like a bit of a broken record these days. Like I am constantly saying the same thing over and over again... 'learn to let go.' There must be like 10 posts (ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration) on this blog talking about letting go and walking away. Usually I say it when it comes to matters of the heart over which you have little or no control or when something no longer serves its purpose or makes you happy, but this time it was different. I had to let go of something else. Not a dude, not a friend, not a sad situation... Instead, it was my hair! Eeeek!