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3 Dec 2012

What causes thinning edges in Afro hair?

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Of all the hair types, Afro hair is by far the most fragile. It is for this reason that women of Afro-Caribbean descent are particularly prone to hair loss conditions.

This hair loss is caused by the fundamentally different physical structure of each strand, making it much easier to snap. Breakage and thinning commonly occurs around the edges/ hair line and there are a number of reasons for this.

Figure out WHAT you are doing to your hair to cause your edges to break or thin. 

What could be causing the edges of your hair to break?
Pulling your hair back into tight ponytails
+ Wearing your braids too tight so much so that they make your eyes slant upwards
+ Using styling products with alcohol in them. Alcohol products can dr dry out your hair
+ Using chemical products, e.g relaxers, perms, dying your hair too often
+ You neglect your edges when applying product
+ Wearing polyester, rayon, nylon or cotton scarves/ head-wraps to bed at night, to protect your hairstyle- These materials can cut and rip hair at the hairline. 
+ Wearing hats too frequently and too tightly

Once you have established what it is you are guilty of doing that may be causing your hair line to weaken, you are half way to solving the problem. Identify the problem, eliminate it, then you need to start stimulating you hair growth by moisturising your hair daily, or twice day if u can fit it in.

Ways to prevent your edges from thinning and promote growth
+ Vary your hairstyles or change the way you tie your hair back
Don't put your hair into styles that put tension on the sides of your hair
 Try and stretch out the period of time between which you chemically treat your hair
Don't wear hats and headbands too often
+ Oil your edges often (at least once a day)
Don't neglect your edges when distributing product throughout your hair
Always try to use silk head wraps and pillow cases as they help lock the moisture in

The key thing is to make sure you are showing your edges love. I hope this helps. I am going to start using Jamaican Castor Oil on mine as I have heard nothing but great things about it. I will let you know if it's any good.x


  1. Great post hun..love it and that pic of Naomi doe...No comment..Lol..now ffing u..op u ff bk x

    1. Thanks babe. I will follow now. I like your blog.x

  2. love this post!! :) this is so through and even though I don't have thinning edges, I already try to prevent them! x

  3. Great post! I'll be sure to try this.
    Quick question though, I've been natural practically all my life. Three relaxers for the past 20 years. But lately my hair has started breaking off, splitting to the root and my hairline is noticeably thinner. I've come to the point where my hair is very long an all but can't stand how damaged it is. I was thinking of shaving it off so it can start anew. Is that a good idea? Will it help when it grows back?
    Thanks so much! x

    1. Thanks Ariel. I'm so glad you found my post helpful. Only 3 relaxers in in 20 years? That is really good! I would recommend trying castor oil on your edges and oiling them daily. Keep the hair really well moisturized. Make sure you don't put any tension on them with tight hairstyles. With regards to the general condition of your hair, you should try a deep conditioning treatment. Hair usually breaks and/ or is damaged when it is dry. Cutting it all off is great for a brand new start but it seems a little drastic, especially if your hair is long. I would try other means of improving your hair's condition before considering cutting it. Maybe seek professional help.

      Keep me posted on how you get on.

      Good luck.x



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