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17 Dec 2012

Roller Disco fun in spandex and fishnets

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On Saturday night, my girls and I headed down to Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall (London) for some classic disco fun. It was my friend, Char's birthday and she wanted to celebrate by doing something fun, exciting and new...  We decided to go raving on skates. Oi Oiiiii!!!

Roll on RollerDisco...

As it was an 80's, disco themed night, we whipped out the spandex, leg warmers, big glasses, fishnets, tutu skirts and anything else we could find that was remotely retro and cool looking. Getting dressed up was one of the best parts of the evening. I'm like a kid, I love dressing up!

The night ran from 8pm - 2am. We arrived stylishly late at around 11.30pm but that was more than enough time to have skate around and have a boogie at the same time. Tickets were £15 (£14 internet pre-booked tickets- bit of a pointless discount if you ask me lol)

I'm gona summarise my thoughts on Roller Disco so you can get on and take a look at some of my pix from the night.... It was great fun! Slightly nerve racking if you, like me are an absolute beginner. (I haven't been anywhere near a pair of skates since I was like 13 years old so I pretty much consider myself a beginner).  The music comprised of seventies hits, funky house music and rare soul grooves which was a delightful change from the usual Hip Hop and R&B. 

<img src="rollerskatesgirls.jpg" alt="blackgirlsrollerskates" />

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