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30 Dec 2012

My best moment and biggest lesson of 2012

Hey lovelies... As the end of 2012 draws nearer and nearer, I am feeling rather reflective. I doubt I'm alone in this. When something comes to an end, it's always a great opportunity to look back, reflect and ask yourself why the heck you cried tears for someone that was no where near worth it lol. 

2012 has been an interesting year for me. There have been some major highs and of course, some not so great moments when I wasn't even sure how I would get through.... Buuuuut, I did! Thank you Lord. :D

I wanted to share my happiest and saddest times of this year with you in the hope that it will inspire or encourage you in some way.

One of the best, if not THE best moment of 2012 was being given an opportunity to present a show on BBC Radio 1Xtra for a month. This was pretty awesome and a big accomplishment for me and my co-presenter! Some people don't understand the hustle, the passion or the amount of hard work that goes into doing what I do. Trying to become a successful and well established radio broadcaster requires a lot of sacrifice, so when you see the fruits of your labour, it is beautiful beyond words. Watch this space for 2013!

When someone or something makes you unhappy, get the f**k away from that person or that situation. This sounds pretty obvious- I know! But when you're in the situation it is never this obvious or this easy. I found myself in a very messed up situation with someone and all it did was drain my energy, piss me off and leave me feeling low (pretty much everyday). I look back now and want to scream at myself and give myself a bloody good slap for staying in it for so long, knowing how unhappy that person made me feel. I know why I did it. I wanted to exhaust ALL avenues before I gave up on it and I guess I wanted to prove that I was strong and a fighter, but at what cost??? My health? My happiness? My sanity! (that's how it felt at times). 

17 Dec 2012

Roller Disco fun in spandex and fishnets

<img src="rollerdiscovauxhall.jpg" alt="roller disco vauxhall" />

On Saturday night, my girls and I headed down to Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall (London) for some classic disco fun. It was my friend, Char's birthday and she wanted to celebrate by doing something fun, exciting and new...  We decided to go raving on skates. Oi Oiiiii!!!

Roll on RollerDisco...

As it was an 80's, disco themed night, we whipped out the spandex, leg warmers, big glasses, fishnets, tutu skirts and anything else we could find that was remotely retro and cool looking. Getting dressed up was one of the best parts of the evening. I'm like a kid, I love dressing up!

9 Dec 2012

Why I am single according to my dad

Although we have had our share of 'moments' over the years, I love my dad to pieces. I love him more than he will ever know. He is incredibly wise and in spite of his past mistakes, he really inspires me. Even as I read that back, I smile at how true it is. 

Yesterday daddy dearest paid my sister and I a long overdue visit. As we all lay slumped on the couch, glass of rosè in hand, discussing the complexities of life, we somehow touched on the subject of love and relationships. When I say 'somehow touched upon,' I guess what I really mean is, I was droning on about how few decent guys I seem to come across these days and he was responding. 

The conversation was along the lines of this...

3 Dec 2012

What causes thinning edges in Afro hair?

<img src="thinningedges.jpg" alt="thinningedgesafrohair" />

Of all the hair types, Afro hair is by far the most fragile. It is for this reason that women of Afro-Caribbean descent are particularly prone to hair loss conditions.

This hair loss is caused by the fundamentally different physical structure of each strand, making it much easier to snap. Breakage and thinning commonly occurs around the edges/ hair line and there are a number of reasons for this.