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9 Nov 2012

Disaster Date- The Day My Date Robbed Me

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After reading the title of this post, you're probably wondering how on earth someone can get robbed on a date right? Sounds incredibly dumb- I know.... But it happened! There are bad dates and then there is this..

Ok, let me cut to the chase...
I met a guy. This guy was a bit of a looker. I'm talking about that 'stop and stare' kind of beauty.  You know the type. So anyway.... We got talking and decided to meet up for dinner. (His suggestion/ invite by the way). We went to a lovely little Thai restaurant. Food was delicious, ambience was superb, but his company was....

*Huff* His company was so... DRY! To put it simply, he was nondescript.  

That was a slight let down but I held on to hope that the evening would get better and that he would suddenly remember where he left his personality. He didn't. This was him. Gorgeous, but in serious need of a personality transplant. The evening went from bad to worse.

When the bill came, he asked me how I was paying for my half. Huh?! My half? Just to reiterate, he invited me out but... o...k then. 

The bill came to £30 and I only had a £20 note on me. He wanted to pay on debit card and cheekily asked told me to put my £20 down and he would pay the £10 on his debit card and repay me my fiver 'later' as he didn't have enough cash on him. Can I just say that 'later' NEVER EVER CAME!

We left the restaurant and stopped by an off license before heading to a bar for part 2 of the date. He grabbed a Red Bull, gum and a packet of sweets. Not once did he even think to ask if I wanted anything. I didn't want a damn thing but that's not really the point. It's courteous to offer. Feeling slightly bothered by his lack of consideration, I continued to look on as he paid for his stuff. It was what I witnessed next that really got me...

This dude pulled out a £5 note and a handful of change. It was not even 10 minutes ago that he told me he didn't have enough cash on him. The little liar! My mouth flew open and I immediately replayed the convo from the restaurant in my head. Maybe I had miss heard him? Maybe he didn't realise he had a fiver on him? I knew this was not the case. I was  simply trying to make the situation not seem so bad, but it was pretty bad!
To round off an already disastrous evening, when we got to the bar, I told him I was going to get a drink and he had the bare faced cheek to make a request for himself. After I stared at him blankly for a few seconds, he reluctantly delved into his pocket to bring out yet another £5 note. He had given me back MY own money to buy HIM a drink. This guy was shameless. Totally shameless!

For the rest of the evening, I pretty much had no words for him. The car was rather silent on the journey back and when he did try to force conversation, his words were met with simple mmm's from me. I was done!

Needless to say, he quickly disappeared from my BBM contacts after that.


  1. I can't believe you experienced that. If it were a friend then yeah cool... But a date??? Nah he's terrible. Obviously hasn't been trained well.
    If you went out with a friend then yeah 50/50... And a male friend wouldn't even do that.

  2. It's shocking right!? It seems real true gentlemen are a dying breed!



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