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20 Oct 2012

June Sarpong- What's so special about her

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Gosh I miss this woman. Legendary presenter June Sarpong was a standard part of my weekend, every weekend. I welcomed her into my living room for 8 years whilst she was presenting on T4. A Sunday morning wasn't quite complete without a bit of Sarpong. Me, fluffy dressing gown, Weetabix, toast (yeah I know, I can eat right?) and June. That was it. Happiness. So when she announced she was leaving T4, my heart kind of stopped beating for a bit. Sadness was all that remained. I think I may have shed a tear on her final show (or maybe I made that part up for dramatic effect. I am not quite sure to be honest).

I remember thinking, this has got to be a joke! But it wasn't. She really did go. I wanted to grow old with her on my screen. Is that sad?

What did I love about her? What's not to love? June was an awesome presenter. She made me laugh, a lot! She was intelligent, fun, had a lovely unique voice and she loved lipgloss almost as much as me. Her lips were always shining. On top of all that, she was dark skin and I could relate to her. Being a black girl living in the UK, it is rare to see a dark skin black woman on TV. Whilst I love my Davina McCalls' and Jameela Jamils', I want to see girls that look like me too. I want to be able to relate on another level.

TV bosses in the UK need to put more women of colour on our screens so little girls of all races can watch TV and feel they can identify with the person talking to them. We live in a multi cultural society. Surely TV should reflect that!

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  1. Culture is not race. Although a racial component can be needed.



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