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25 Oct 2012

The best strapless bra ever- Wonderbra

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful strapless top or dress and not having the correct bra to wear under it. We have all seen those unforgivable fashion fails where a girl wears the completely wrong bra with an outfit. It might be a bra with those horrid 'clear' plastic straps that are supposedly invisible or maybe a bra with straps with a strapless dress (#EpicFail). Either way, the incorrect bra can totally ruin an outfit.

Admittedly, I have a rather big and unhealthy love affair with strapless/ corset style tops and dresses so owning the perfect strapless bra is so important to me.

20 Oct 2012

June Sarpong- What's so special about her

<img src="junesarpong.jpg" alt="junesarpong" />

Gosh I miss this woman. Legendary presenter June Sarpong was a standard part of my weekend, every weekend. I welcomed her into my living room for 8 years whilst she was presenting on T4. A Sunday morning wasn't quite complete without a bit of Sarpong. Me, fluffy dressing gown, Weetabix, toast (yeah I know, I can eat right?) and June. That was it. Happiness. So when she announced she was leaving T4, my heart kind of stopped beating for a bit. Sadness was all that remained. I think I may have shed a tear on her final show (or maybe I made that part up for dramatic effect. I am not quite sure to be honest).

I remember thinking, this has got to be a joke! But it wasn't. She really did go. I wanted to grow old with her on my screen. Is that sad?

What did I love about her? What's not to love? June was an awesome presenter. She made me laugh, a lot! She was intelligent, fun, had a lovely unique voice and she loved lipgloss almost as much as me. Her lips were always shining. On top of all that, she was dark skin and I could relate to her. Being a black girl living in the UK, it is rare to see a dark skin black woman on TV. Whilst I love my Davina McCalls' and Jameela Jamils', I want to see girls that look like me too. I want to be able to relate on another level.

TV bosses in the UK need to put more women of colour on our screens so little girls of all races can watch TV and feel they can identify with the person talking to them. We live in a multi cultural society. Surely TV should reflect that!

19 Oct 2012

How long could you go without sex?

The idea of no sex before marriage is something that makes many people cringe at the very thought. Could you imagine abstaining from having sex until you find that special one and tie the knot? It takes a strong cookie to do it. Trust me I know! Lets be real- To meet a guy that doesn't run at the thought of it is rare. To find a guy that will respect your celibacy wishes and remain faithful is damn near impossible to find.

This is why I have so much respect for couples that do it. Recently married model and actress Meagan Good has always been very open about how she and husband DeVon Franklin decided to remain celibate until they got married because of their Christian faith.

It is her hubby, Devon who I have true admiration for. I recently watched an interview where  he revealed how long he had been celibate before marrying Meagan. Over 10 years! Not 10 months, 10 YEARS! If that isn't strength, determination and some serious will power, I don't know what is.

In an interview with Global Grind, he revealed
She was celibate before we got together and I was celibate. You’re not going to believe me. Let me just put it this way, [I've been celibate] over ten years. Part of what I also do is preach and the thing that I couldn’t do, which was eating me apart…What was happening with me is that I would go and preach one thing but I was going and living another and I could not do it. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I was like, ‘No, I cannot live like this,’ so I had to stop and say, ‘You know what, until I get married, that’s off the table.
Question is, how long could you go without sex? Is it essential to your relationship? And if you met a guy who asked you to wait until marriage, would you?

12 Oct 2012

Know when it's time to let go

'Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy'

If I had a penny for every time I have held on to someone or something that no longer made me happy, I would be ridiculously rich by now. Whether it has been a good for nothing cheating ex or faded friendships, there are many things I look back on and wonder why on earth I didn't let go a lot sooner than I actually did. 

One of the worst extremes was finding out an ex partner got his ex pregnant whilst we were together

10 Oct 2012

4 Tips for natural/ Afro hair care

Ok, so roughly 1 and a half years ago, I embarked on a natural hair journey. I was through with chemical relaxers and the damage it was doing to my edges, so I decided to take it old skool and go back to my kinks.

For as long as I can remember, my hair has been relaxed so I kinda forgot how hard caring for natural hair can be. In all honesty I didn't really have a plan for what I was going to do with my hair. I just knew I was done with all the relaxing/ perming. I needed a break.

There are some great sites and vloggers out there offering invaluable advice and tips on caring for and looking after afro hair which really helped me. One of my favourites is BGLH
I have devised a list of 4 tips that will hopefully help anyone else on this natural hair journey:

3 Oct 2012

Nicki Minaj releases pic of her 'real' hair?

Infamous for her bright, sometimes wonderful, often wacky wigs, Nicki Minaj has released a photo of her 'real hair'. Some sceptics are asking why we can't see her scalp, or any of Nicki in the pic for that matter. Let's be real, this could be anyone. Heck, it could even be someone holding up a fresh pack of Remy hair. But on the flipside, who said black girls can't have long hair? All that wig/ weave wearing can be very protective and healthy for natural hair as it is free from heat damage, too much tension and all the other causes of breakage.

If this isn't her hair, I struggle to understand why she would lie! Sad if you ask me.
<img src="nickiminajrealhair.jpg" alt="nickiminajrealhair" />